Reinstate BC Paramedics

Why Reinstate Paramedics and Not Just Hire Them Back?

Please understand: BC Paramedics cannot be ‘hired back’ into the jobs they were Fired from because these jobs have been given away.

The Gov’t must Reinstate BC Paramedics without loss, back into the positions that they held when they were illegaly terminated without just cause!

BC Ambulance does not hire full time members but rather starts them part time in small remote service areas like, eg. Tofino Ucluelet, Sayward, Port McNeil, Port Renfrew etc. They must work part time carrying a pager for 6 to 9 years before getting offered a full-time job. Paramedics have to carry a pager in a small station and they do this for several years until they finally get a larger station to work in. During this time they only get paid if they get a call and they get $2 dollars per hour for carrying the pager.
Eventually after between 5-9 yrs, they will be offered a full-time job in Vancouver, away from their family, because there is always an exodus from the city. After working 4 to 6 years in the city they may be able to get a position on Vancouver Island in Victoria. After several years working in Victoria, they might be able to get a Paramedic Job somewhere else on Vancouver Island or elsewhere in the interior full time. So for instance, if they live in Parksville, British Columbia , It may take them 20 to 30 years to get back to their home community.

All of the paramedics Who were fired due to the mandates, went through this process and paid their dues to the citizens of BC, being on call for medical emergencies for years without any real pay.

Now we’re calling on you to see us re-instated and ‘made a whole’ in the job position we had when we were fired’.

Paramedics sacrificed so much to get those full time jobs and they were terminated for not getting vaccinated when all they had to do is exactly what the Doctors are doing, “wear PPE, ie, gloves, gown and a mask as we have always done. The only justice for us is to be Re-instated, Please help us. Many of these Paramedics had 20 to 30 years of experience and were often professional Paramedic instructors. The loss to the community of knowledge and skill when your loved one is hurt or injured, is insurmountable. The lost to our province in training and experience is astronomical please sign the petition and write letters to see us reinstated. The paramedics of your province thank you. Many of the 20-30yr veterans who were Fired, were trained by the Gov’t with Taxpayer dollars at a cost of over 120,00 each. You paid for these expert lifesavers, tell the Gov’t that you demand they be brought back and made whole in their jobs now?

Dr. Joshua Nordine is a real hero and has organized the ‘Hire Back our Heroes’ campaign and we salute him. Unfortunately, as we have explained, BC Paramedics cannot just go back to work.
Nurses can, they may lose their seniority but they would walk right back into a full-time job and a full time Pay cheque immediately . Fired Paramedics on the other hand would be facing the ordeal that we went through to get our full time jobs all over again, and it is an impossible situation. We must be Re-instated. Thankyou for your help and support. Paramedics of BC Care about you and your families!
Now is the time to Help us, please sign our petition here.

 Your Future May Depend On Our Future!