About Us

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We are a group of fired, injured and traumatised BC Paramedics that have united together to support each other, and also with the aim of achieving justice for the terrible harms that have been done to us.

We have been seriously let down by our union, our employer and the government which has led to great financial and emotional hardship for some of our members which they don’t deserve.

These are genuine, kind hearted people that have dedicated their lives to helping the public when they need it the most, but now some of us are tossed aside and no longer allowed to do the job we love so much.

With your support we can change this from a bad situation to a great one. Please sign our petition today.

 Your Future May Depend On Our Future!


Fired Paramedics

Paramedics were fired near the end of the “pandemic” after having successfully transported thousands of patients without problem.


Years of Experience Wasted

Many of the fired Paramedics are long serving employees and instructors with extremely valuable knowledge and experience.


Tax Dollars Wasted

Everyone of these Paramedics underwent extensive training that costs thousands of tax dollars.